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What is the purpose of deionized water equipment to detect ion exchange resins?(1)

Sep 22, 2017

 Deionized water equipment to detect ion exchange resin is designed to test the quality of the new resin; at the same time master the quality of the use of resin changes. So the resin should be used before the test data, should also be used after regular (half a year) for testing. Ion exchange resin before cleaning and transformation, cation resin to sodium, anion resin to chlorine, in order to facilitate the analysis on a unified basis. The items to be tested are:


1, ion exchange resin full exchange capacity. Full exchange capacity is an important indicator of resin performance, the greater the exchange capacity, the same volume of resin can absorb more ions, the greater the amount of periodic water system, the corresponding acid and alkali consumption is low, the detection of full exchange capacity is also easy Select resin.


2, ion exchange resin working exchange capacity. Work exchange capacity is an important technical indicator of resin exchange capacity, refers to the exchange capacity under dynamic work. The size of the working exchange capacity is related to the influent ion concentration, end point control, resin layer height, exchange rate and so on. Therefore, the determination of work exchange capacity has important practical value.


3, the mechanical strength of ion exchange resin. Resin in the use of the process of mutual friction, as well as each cycle of the expansion and contraction of the resin and the surface to withstand the pressure, will break the resin, crushing, hydrogen resin mechanical strength detection. Relationship between resin life.