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What is ultrafiltration equipment?(2)

Sep 22, 2017

Second, the pressure relief valve

When the raw water pressure is greater than the system design water pressure, the raw water to decompression. The general use of static pressure can be reduced to achieve the pressure relief valve decompression accuracy depends on the ultrafiltration system.

Another water quality according to the choice of raw materials for the weight of the valve, the general optional material for the copper, stainless steel, iron, plastic.

Third, the cleaning system

Cleaning system mainly by the distribution box, water tank, circulating pump composition, the use of mixed gas and water cleaning also includes air compressor, the general physical cleaning is divided into pressure and backwash washing. Equal pressure flushing is closed when the production valve,

Fully open the water valve, so that the raw water to the normal working conditions faster than the flow rate of the membrane surface, remove the dirt. Backwash is to close the raw water valve using a circulating pump, the water in the water tank into the membrane assembly from the water outlet.

So that the normal flow of water through the membrane in the opposite direction through the membrane, washed off the membrane surface of the pollutants and discharge from the thick mouth, backwash, immediately after the pressure of washing. Can be more effectively to be retained pollutants discharged, in order to strengthen the cleaning effect, shunt, you can use gas-water mixture for washing.

Chemical cleaning system is the use of circulating pump will be dispensing liquid into the ultrafiltration system, the cycle of cleaning and soaking, by chemical action to remove the membrane surface dirt to restore the membrane water production capacity, to maintain the design flow requirements.

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