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What is ultrafiltration equipment?(3)

Sep 22, 2017

Fourth, disinfection and sterilization system

Ultrafiltration disinfection and sterilization system equipment and operating procedures and chemical cleaning system the same, only need to replace the cleaning solution can be sterile liquid, the general use of the sterilizer for sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide,

When selecting the sterilant, consider the material and the concentration of the agent. For example, Ps material film can not be used with anionic surfactant of the sterilizer, otherwise the film will cause irreversible flux loss.

Fifth, automated measurement, monitoring and instrumentation

1, metering water flow using the flow meter to measure, the flow meter with a rotor flow meter, float flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, ear-type flowmeter, and so on. In the ultrafiltration system, most of the glass float (rotor) flowmeter,

Mainly to show intuitive, low price, an ultrafiltration system at least need to set up two flow meters for observation, one is the water flow meter, one is the concentrated water flow meter or raw water flow meter.

The choice of flowmeter specifications is based on the size of the system flow, float flowmeter selection is usually selected range of 1.5 to 2 times the actual maximum measurement flow.

2, monitoring system and instrumentation Ultrafiltration system in operation, must be in strict accordance with the design parameters to operate, which requires the relevant parameters of the system to monitor,

The main monitoring project is water quality, flow, pressure, can be manually operated, can also use the instrument and programmable controller for automatic control of the system.

Water quality monitoring can be carried out using water quality monitoring instrument, the water pressure monitoring can be used pressure switch and pressure gauge, the flow control can be used to monitor the electronic flow meter, and the monitoring signal feedback to the PLC,

And then to control the pump, valves and cleaning systems, in order to achieve system automation.

Pressure is an important parameter of the ultrafiltration system, so in the choice of pressure gauge, pay attention to its accuracy and durability. The choice of pressure gauge range,

To use the pressure can make the pointer in the dial 1/2 ~ 2/3 position is appropriate, and to consider the impact of water hammer on the pressure gauge.

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