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Application Of EDI Technology

Apr 11, 2017

EDI technology has been widely used in foreign countries for teenagers, mostly in the pharmaceutical industry, microelectronics industry, power generation industry and laboratories. The application of surface cleaning, surface coating, electrolytic industry and chemical industry is becoming more and more widespread. In our country application time is only 2-3 years, mainly used in medicine and microelectronics industry ultra pure Water treatment, but in the power generation industry chemical water Treatment System application has just arisen.


EDI device belongs to water finishing equipment, has the advantages of continuous production, high water quality, easy control, less land, no acid base, environmental protection and so on, has a wide application foreground. With the improvement of equipment and technology and the optimization of different industries, initial investment costs will be greatly reduced. It can be believed that in the near future it will replace the traditional mixing in the water treatment process.