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Application Of Power And Construction Function Of Stainless Steel Shell

Sep 14, 2017

Application of power and construction function of stainless steel shell

The stainless steel film shell is mainly used for loading the reverse osmosis membrane element, and it is useful to carry out the carbon steel filter in the forward and reverse scouring of the membrane element, to reduce the probability of fouling of the membrane element, and then to increase the power of the film element.

Together with the reverse osmosis membrane components pressure vessel began to use steel pipe lined with corrosion-resistant coating easy to crack, peel off, the use of very unsafe. And later changed to aluminum containers, but the application found Lu Zhirong flag is not resistant to corrosion, after all, developed a stainless steel fiber containers.

Regardless of which membrane element must be loaded into the pressure vessel, the size of each membrane element itself is not the same, so the scale of the stainless steel pressure vessel used to fill the membrane element is not the same. In each of the pressure vessels, either a stainless steel membrane housing may be provided with only one membrane element or a plurality of membrane elements, and usually one to seven membrane elements may be provided in each pressure vessel, and between the membrane element and the membrane element Within the adapter connection, membrane components and pressure vessel port selection support plate seal plate lock ring support seal.

The current pressure of the stainless steel membrane shell is primarily different at the end, during the course of the operation, the feed water enters the membrane element from the water supply line at one end of the pressure vessel. Some of the water in the membrane element passes through the membrane to form a low salt content of the commercial water, and some of the remaining continue to move forward along the feedwater channel into the next membrane element, since some of the water is higher than the water Reverse osmosis system called it water, concentrated water. Commodity water and concentrated water, respectively, by the commodity water channel and concentrated water channel lead pressure vessel.

Thus, the stainless steel membrane shell in a certain range to obtain different strength and elasticity of the stainless steel to accept different loads to meet the structural function of the request.