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ASME U-Stamp Boiler And Pressure Vessel Certification

Sep 20, 2017

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More Information on the ASME U-STAMP Certification

ASME is the official acronym for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and they offer a standardized guideline for a variety of equipment in the mining and processing industries. This organization is comprised of volunteer engineers who perform variable checks and balances for manufacturers and operators of equipment for mining and other pressure machinery. ASME U-Stamp certification is sought by manufacturers of this type of equipment so that consumers and certification boards are comfortable with the standard of equipment moderation and maintenance. ASME U-Stamp certification is respected by professionals industry wide, and is a part of the process which ensures optimal safety and production are not compromised.

ASME U-Stamp certification approves boilers and other pressure vessels involved in the mining industry. These types of equipment withstand excessive pressure and elemental wear and tear, creating the need for a set of standards and protocols to undermine malfunction and optimize efficiency for these machines. The mining equipment which uses boilers and pressure vessels must conduct regular refurbishments and repairs to existing machinery, and replace parts that are no longer useful. Mining equipment bearing the ASME U-Stamp Certification is guaranteed to be functioning at optimal capacity, because of the dedication to detail by this outstanding organization.


Quality Assurance with the ASME-U STAMP

Many factors contribute to an optimal mining operation from initial excavation to production of processed materials.  Mining machine operation repair and refurbishment are two of the stages at which one can obtain the ASME U-Stamp certification for their machinery upgrades. These are carefully considered by producers of machinery and mined materials. Mine machine equipment must be carefully monitored by professionals, and the engineers at ASME U-Stamp certification volunteer board panels are a part of the process for optimally checked equipment.

Machinery mining is no small undertaking. Large machines are made of many smaller components which can each require refurbishment at some stage of production. These machines move high amounts of raw, harsh materials in equally harsh conditions. Pressure capacities, crushing mechanisms, and rotation devices on drills can be damaged in the demanding processes of excavation and production. ASME U-Stamp Certification can provide a benchmark for optimal machine functioning power for each machine related to the mining industry.

ASME U-Stamp Certification is an uncomplicated procedure, conducted by relevant experts in the field. The engineering professionals which make up this organization bring their qualifications to industry machinery and the machine mining process. ASME U-Stamp Certification requires regular equipment refurbishment or repair to ensure that the natural tasks of the machines do not undermine their durability or capability. This helps keep production running at an optimal investment return for machinery costs and keeps safety a top priority for all factory workers.

Equipment for mining may not require the coveted ASME U-Stamp certification, but machinery bearing this stamp is marked with high quality. Clients trust their machinery needs to quality machinists, and this is one way to ensure that high quality is communicated as a strong corporate value for mining equipment manufacturers of all stages of development. ASME U-Stamp Certification provides both consumer and machine operator with the peace of mind that quality brings to the table.