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Basic Knowledge Of Water Treatment

Aug 31, 2017

Basic knowledge of water treatment

    For many develop countries to purchase water purification equipment, manufacturers will be included with the installation and operation, maintenance manual, the public only in accordance with the instructions described in the manual operation can be. The certification unit (in the United States is the National Health Foundation, NSF) will be in accordance with the type of water purification equipment and related documents for testing, in line with the standard water purification equipment to be certified. In the country should be through the China National Standard Methodology (CNS) certification is a good water purification equipment, and the public should find a water treatment equipment manufacturers have a sound operation and maintenance manuals and good after-sales service of water purification equipment manufacturers to buy the Water equipment.

Every kind of water purification equipment has its usage, before the purchase should first understand the function of water purification equipment and local water quality of the situation, so as to avoid reverse osmosis water equipment waste of money and not the expected results. For example, some of the water quality does not apply to reverse osmosis, in the water with Hangzhou water treatment equipment, chlorine or iron is too high, may cause damage to the film. And if the water is too high iron, it will damage the effect of UV sterilization water purification equipment. In addition, the use of water purification equipment, water temperature should be avoided too much, many water purification equipment or filter in the high temperature, the treatment effect is deteriorated, the material will be damaged and reduce the service life. In the newly used filter water purification equipment or water purification unit (including activated carbon water purification equipment and cation exchange resin water softener) should be soaked with water for at least 15 minutes or rinse with water to remove the filter in the Impurities. In the case of reverse osmosis water purification systems, pre-activated carbon filters and reverse osmosis membranes are rinsed with about 20 liters of water to remove carbon particles and reverse osmosis membranes.

The frequency of replacement of the filter system of the water purification equipment is usually known in the operation and maintenance manual provided by the manufacturer, but it must be noted that the water quality conditions and water production quantities normally used by the manufacturer are in the standard condition. Users must pay attention to the local water quality and daily water consumption is different from the manufacturer information, if the higher the concentration of pollutants in raw water, the greater the amount of water, the replacement filter should be higher frequency. Users must pay special attention to the fact that even if the filter replacement time is not reached, but the water quality changes significantly, bad taste or system of water production is reduced, you must check the possible causes, such as improper pipeline connection, pipeline or filter break, necessary You must replace the pipeline or filter. In addition, reverse osmosis water purification equipment in front of the granular filter to replace the time in addition to operating instructions on the machine, if the naked eye to determine the filter has become seriously yellowish, you should consider replacing.

In general, tap water quality areas (such as the southern region) the cleaning frequency is higher than the soft water area. Some brands of distilled water machine using the front or rear activated carbon filter, this part of the filter also has a certain life, must refer to the use of regular replacement. In order to reduce the inhalation of excess water in the water, the operation of distilled water machine in the boiling process, try to avoid the machine near the exhaust hole, in the general open drink or electric water bottle, and even boil water, we must pay attention to this point.

More complex water purification equipment, such as reverse osmosis water purification equipment system, commissioned by manufacturers to repair three months to six months, self-repair or replacement filter supplies, the removal of pipelines or parts, the first line or parts Mark to ensure that the correct location can be received when reconnecting. New reverse osmosis system machines or machines that have just replaced the filter, should open the faucet so that the water flows out and drains off for a period of time to prevent contaminants from entering the storage tank. Self-replacement filter, you must pay attention to remove the filter, the filter basket must also be washed, so as not to accumulate silt. When the filter is loaded back, care must be taken to check for leaks.