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Characteristics Of EDI Devices

Apr 11, 2017

EDI devices do not need chemical regeneration, can run continuously, and then do not require the traditional water treatment process of mixing ion exchange equipment to regenerate the acid lye, as well as the regeneration of the effluent discharged. Its main features are as follows:

Basic water purification process of EDI

• Continuous operation, stable water quality of products

• Easy to realize automatic control

• No need to regenerate with acid and alkali

• No downtime due to regeneration

• Save reclaimed water and reclaimed sewage treatment facilities

• High water yield (up to 95%)

• No acid-base reserves and acid-alkali dilution delivery facilities

• Small Footprint

• Safe and reliable use of workers to avoid exposure to acid and alkali

• Lower operating and maintenance costs

Modular unit module, flexible combination of various flow of water purification facilities