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Comparing With The Mixing Bed Equipment

Apr 11, 2017

EDI device and mixing bed ion exchange equipment belong to the finishing equipment in the water treatment system, the two equipments are compared with the water quality, the investment quantity and the running cost, to illustrate the superiority of the application of EDI device in water treatment.

(1) Water quality comparison of products

EDI device is a continuous water purification process, so its product water quality is stable, the resistivity is generally 15M ω cm, up to 18M Omega cm, to achieve ultra pure water indicators. The water purification process of the mixed-bed ion exchange facility is discontinuous, after the regeneration, its product has a higher quality of the aquatic product, and the water quality of its products is inferior before the next regeneration.

(2) Comparison of investment

Compared with the mixed-bed ion exchange facility, EDI device investment is about 20%% higher, but from the mixing bed need acid-base storage, acid-base addition and wastewater treatment facilities and later maintenance, resin replacement, the cost of the difference between the two around 10%%. With the improvement of technology and mass production, the amount of investment required by EDI devices will be greatly reduced. In addition, the EDI device is compact, the required plant is much smaller than the mixing bed.