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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Water Purifier Membrane?

Jul 03, 2017

The membrane in the water purification industry can be divided into food grade PP plastic, ceramic and stainless steel shell, etc., because the ceramic membrane is fragile, so the use of stainless steel shell ratio is relatively small, these membrane shell by the food grade PP filter, ceramic And stainless steel material made by high temperature dissolution combination method, in the production process carbon steel filter will be a very tedious division of labor, finishing, fit, assembly process to ensure that after the production of the shell in the model size, weight, and membrane and membrane shell The anastomosis between the cover can reach the standard. Some enterprises to ensure quality, but also set the quality inspection departments, if not compliance, direct destruction of redo. Excellent product shell can be produced from the material, appearance, size, weight and other aspects of verification.

The user can first observe the whole shell, see whether the appearance of abnormal color, whether the hole in the card slot, the bottom of the fusion is perfect and the top thread cap is fine and so on. If these aspects are up to standard, said the manufacturer in the production of membrane shell to do more perfect.