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Run Cost Comparison

Apr 11, 2017

The operating costs of EDI devices include consumption of electricity, water consumption, pharmacy cost and equipment depreciation, eliminating the cost of acid and alkali consumption, reclaimed water, wastewater treatment and sewage discharge.

In the power consumption, EDI device about 0.5kWh/t water, mixed-bed process about 0.35kWh/t water, the cost of electricity in the plant is relatively economical, can use the price of electricity to calculate the factory.

In the area of water consumption, the EDI device produces high water rate, without recycling water, so the operating costs in this area are lower than the mixing bed.

There is little difference between the cost of pharmacy and equipment depreciation.

Overall, in the operating costs, EDI unit tons of water operating costs at about 2.4 yuan, the conventional mixing bed ton water operating costs at about 2.7 yuan, higher than the EDI device. Therefore, the cost of multi-invested EDI devices can be recovered within a few years.