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Water Tank Attachment

Apr 11, 2017

(1) Intake pipe: water tanks into the pipe from the side of the general access, or from the bottom or the top of the access. When the water tank utilizes the pipe network pressure water intake, its inlet outlet should set the float ball valve or hydraulic valve. Floating ball valves are generally not less than 2. The diameter of the floating ball valve is identical to the inlet pipe diameter, and the overhaul valve should be fitted before each float valve.

(2) Outlet pipe: water tank outlet pipe can be from the side wall or the bottom. From the side walls of the outlet pipe or from the bottom of the outlet nozzle outlet top, should be high water bottom 50 mm. Gate valve should be set at outlet pipe.

The inlet and outlet of the water tank should be set separately, when the inlet and outlet pipes are the same pipe, the check valve should be installed on the outlet pipe. When the need to mount the check valve, should take the less resistance rotary check valve instead of lifting check valve, and the elevation should be lower than the lowest water tank level 1m above. Life and fire with a water tank, fire hose to the check valve should be lower than the outlet of the pipe top of the siphon (below the top of the tube, the life of the siphon vacuum is destroyed, only to ensure that the fire hose outlet water outflow) at least 2m, so that it has a certain pressure to push the check When the fire occurs, the fire reserve water can really play a role.