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What Is Stainless Steel Water Purifier?

Jul 21, 2017

Stainless steel purifier refers to a water purifier made of stainless steel material. The shell of general water purifier is divided into four types: plastic type, toughened glass type, copper type and stainless steel type.

1. Plastic material

Nowadays, most of the material used for water purifiers is made of plastic, which causes many different quality water purifiers. Some water filter is made of common plastic shell, it is easy to aging and poison, often appear a one-time consumption, namely when the filter is broken inside, outside of the shell is broken, of course, now most of the water filter shell plastic is ABS plastic, are relatively more durable, long service life.

2. Toughened glass material

Less relative to the material used, are generally use the material of water purifiers are all noble, very durable rust will not aging, the filter by changing the filter, make life longer. Of course, you have to prevent the weight from hitting the shell.

3. Copper material

Copper is mainly used on the front filter, copper do the surface of a product must plating processing, electroplating products will contain a small amount of harmful to human body of toxic elements "lead", because lead to join, so the toughness of copper is better. After copper plating product looks very light, but electrical plating, over time, there is a problem, KuaiZhe year, ManZhe 3 to 5 years gradually lose luster, pitting, the final coating, revealing the rust, use less now.

4. Stainless steel case

The material shell of water purifiers are slowly increasing, most of the foreign manufacturer claims adopts 304 stainless steel, in fact, through the survey found that basically USES is SUS201 stainless steel, the material is relatively easy to rust, make water is polluted again purification so as to reach the standard. And adopt 304 stainless steel to make shell, not easy to rust, and the resistance is strong. In this way, the consumer needs to change the filter regularly, and the service life is long and more affordable. And Hans, central water purifier shell adopts 304 stainless steel in a new generation of products will go up to a better level SUS306 stainless steel, it is a strong resistance to corrosion of the alloy, the work hardening rate is low, suitable for deep punching and spinning forming, good casting.

This is a simple introduction of four kinds of shell materials. Except for the copper materials, the other materials are better and worse. However, water purifier market brand of mixed and disorderly, therefore, when the choose and buy an eye, well drawn, both to understand certain hardware, also want to know the corresponding software, identify what water purifier brand good?