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What Is The Correct Way To Use The Membrane In Reverse Osmosis System?

Sep 14, 2017

What is the correct way to use the membrane in reverse osmosis system?

1, the membrane components in the pressure vessel before loading, do not water treatment equipment manufacturers to open sealed packaging, stored in a cool dry place, can not be frozen.

2, the installation of membrane components

Before installing the membrane components, should ensure that the system of Hangzhou water treatment equipment has been completed cleaning work.

Membrane components in the system, to properly lubricate the O-ring and concentrated water ring, you can use silicon-based reverse osmosis water equipment glue or 50% glycerol aqueous solution, prohibit the use of oil, grease, petrolatum or petroleum compounds.

3, the new film rinse

The new system after the installation of membrane components to be thoroughly washed reverse osmosis water equipment, the system of residual impurities, solvents and protective liquid completely clean.

4, the system startup and operation need to pay attention to the problem

Before the system is started, the concentrate valve should remain fully open. After the system starts, gradually slowly close the concentrated water valve, so that the system to achieve the set recovery rate. It is forbidden to start the device when the water valve is closed.

Do not close the valves on the production line at any time during system operation.

Before the high pressure operation, through the soft start mechanism or frequency control for low pressure flushing to discharge air.